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Things to consider before building a DIY Storage Shed

Things to Consider Before Building A DIY Storage Shed

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Have you thought of building your own storage shed? If so, here are a few recommended tips to take into consideration. Although building your own shed may seem like a simple DIY project, there are some very vital things you will want to consider before you start the project. Style being one of the most important things to consider. What does your ideal shed look like when finished on your property? Does it complement your house, your landscape, and the overall aesthetics of your property? Size is also one of the most important considerations while planning this project. How much stuff do you have that you want to store and how much space will you need for it? A cramped shed defeats the purpose of “cleaning things up” and your shed should allow you to store your stuff and be able to retrieve it just as easy. So really think about the size you will need. You will also want to consider all the tools you will need to build your shed. Do you need to rent tools? where can you get those tools from if you don’t already have them? Lastly consider how you will prioritize time to put towards building the shed. A survey was made to find out how long it took people to build there own shed. The average build time was 129 hours. If that's more then you considered putting in to build one yourself we recommend going to our last tip.

Tip Number One: Getting premium materials to build your shed

When considering material you will want to think long term and how long you are really going to use this shed. Most likely you will use this shed until you either move from the property the shed currently sits on, or use it for as long as the shed lasts. Investing in proper materials for the construction of the shed can make or break how long your shed is usable. Some people prefer the look of wood sheds, others prefer metal constructed sheds. This is something you should consider when making a build plan for your shed. Chances are, the things you want to store inside the shed are valuable and have meaning to you. You will want to make sure you are using quality material to protect your items while stowed away in the shed.

Tip Number Two: Know the style of shed you want to build

With your investment to build a shed, you will want to take into account how the new DIY shed will collide with your property and property value. Adding extras (like a window) into the shed can make all the difference when it comes to your DIY project. This is something to consider when it comes to your vision of your building. Think of appearance on your property, matching other buildings, Metal or Wood Etc.. How Should this shed match that of whats pre-existing on your property?

Tip Number three: Placement

When building a shed you will want to consider where you want to place the shed. How you’re going to level it, and what way you want the door to be facing. You will want to make sure that you have the shed located in a convenient location for access. You will want to make sure it is out of the way of any places you will be doing projects at. As is the case with real estate, the location of your shed must work well with your property flow.

Tip Number four: City/HOA Requirements, Practical concerns

A lot of people that want to build a shed have not considered what the city or HOA allows you to build. Check with your city regulations to make sure you meet these building requirements. Although sheds tend to be on the small side for structures, sometimes people are unaware of zoning and building requirements needed to finalize this DIY project. To avoid having to tear down your project make sure you are to code and have spoken to a professional who builds storage sheds in your local area ( Whether you plan to have help to build your shed, or you do it yourself, it can be a downright difficult task to do. If you have never built a shed before or even have prior experience, the project may become overwhelming and daunting.

Tip Number Five: Consider letting the storage shed professionals handle the project

Why waste your energy and resources? Sometimes with big projects, its best to let go of the DIY and let those with the expertise and resources get the job done for you. The Team at Central Oregon Sheds wants to give you the exceptional shed buying experience. Central Oregon Sheds knows how to keep your goals in line to construct your dream shed on time and on budget. Whether you need a simple garden shed, she shed, animal shelter, cabana, tiny home or a man cave for commercial or residential use, Central Oregon sheds is here to provide you with the best shed buying process. As a nationwide business serving customers across the U.S. (See delivery areas), we understand the importance of every shed process. Whenever you have a question, Central Oregon Sheds is there to help and lend a hand. The sooner you reach out, the faster your Storage shed goals go to action.

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