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8 Foot Wide Buildings



Yard Size: Will fit in any sized yard, ideal for smaller yards. 


Usage: Perfect for storing smaller items such as tools, gardening equipment, and/or a lawnmower. Because of the limited space, can only be used for one purpose. Ideal for families that do not need additional storage space.

10 Foot Wide Buildings



Yard Size: Can fit in most sized yards, ideal for medium-large sized backyards to avoid taking up too much of your backyard space.


Usage: Perfect for storing almost all outdoor equipment including gardening tools, hoses, bicycles, lawnmowers, power tools, etc. Depending on the exact dimensions, can be used for both storage and as a small workspace. Add some windows and a mid-sized shed can be a good workshop, art room, or office space. 

12 Foot Wide Buildings



Yard Size: A large shed will fit best in a large – extra large sized property. If not, a larger shed may end up overwhelming your yard.


Usage: Can be used entirely for storage space, entirely as a workshop or office space, or as a multi-purpose building. Can be used to store large equipment such as a tractor, and, with the proper additions, can even be used a small barn. 


Large sheds can handle anything from large pieces of lawn equipment to recreational vehicles. If you're feeling creative, turn your shed into a workshop or hobby space. 

14-16 Foot Wide Buildings


Yard Size: Will not fit in a smaller yard, must be placed on an appropriately sized property. If used as a cabin, it may even have its own property. 


Usage: The perfect multi-use size, an extra-large shed can even be used as a tiny house or a cabin! With an extra-large shed, there is no need for public storage and you will not have to worry about whether multiple large objects will fit inside. 

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