Rent to own available: $188.43 (36 months) or $169.58 (48 months), with $100 security deposit - NO CREDIT CHECK


10' x 12' urethane finished Lofted Barn storage shed with two 2' x 3' windows and a 4 foot barn door on the side. The inside wall height is 7'.  The siding is LP Smart Panel zinc borate treated siding and has a 50 year warranty through the siding manufacturer.  The building is built with 16" on center studs, 24" on center trusses, 2" x 6" floor joists, 4" x 6" pressure treated skids, which are notched for 16" on center floor joists, which are also pressure treated.  The floor is 5/8" tongue and groove engineered panels, which has exceptional strength and stiffness for a flatter, more stable floor.  The flooring is free of knots and patches with a thermally fused face, and the resins are moisture resistant. Standard floor options are designed for 40 lb/sq. ft. live load and 200 lb/sq. ft. point load.  This building comes with 29 gauge metal roof, which has a 30 year limited warranty.  The 4 foot barn door on the side comes with a set of two matching keys.  The building is finished in dark ebony urethane with barn white trim paint.  Additional options are available on custom ordered buildings.


Free delivery up to 30 miles on any in stock buildings; over 30 miles, $3.00/mile (8-10 foot wide buildings). 


Prices do not include tax or cost of concrete blocks

10x12 Side Door Lofted Barn